A resume is a strategic marketing tool that has only one purpose – to promote your experience, education, skills, achievements, and specialized training. Your resume needs to speak to the reader and should capture their interest. You only have one shot at doing that in a matter of seconds so it is worth taking the time to plan your resume strategy. Most interviewers receive hundreds of resumes. Make your shine. How? It should have grammatically correct sentences and clearly defined key data that quickly differentiates you from competing candidates. And, it should be visually appealing too.

1. Know the Purpose of Your Resume

Having a well-thought-out resume plan is essential. Planning what key information you’ll showcase in your resume gets you thinking strategically about what makes you qualified for the job you’re seeking. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Are you seeking a new career? Are you interested in relocating to another city or are you simply job hunting for a higher salary?
  • What are your specialized skills that meet or exceed the job description and requirements of your dream position?
  • What are your accomplishments? Awards? Honors?

2. Use Key Words with Positive Descriptive Language

Keeping in mind that employers often sift through resumes using a variety of search queries, it is recommended to infuse key words throughout your resume to boost your chances of keeping your resume at the top of the pile. Use keywords that are industry-related and directly associated with the job description and requirements of the job you’re seeking.

Consider using action verbs that exemplify your positive achievements and accomplishments. These may include words like: improved, perfected, advanced, upgraded, directed, oversaw, managed, etc. The use of a section heading is essential for the interviewer to quickly find key data that identify your strengths and qualifications for the job. Some examples are: Employment History, Skills, Key Qualifications, Areas of Expertise, Education, Licenses, Certifications, Awards, Honors, and Achievements.

3. Easy-to-Read Resumes Stand Out

A well formatted document that is easy-to-read and visually appealing is essential to separating your resume from the stack of competing candidates’ resumes. Presentation counts. It is not enough to have key words, good grammar, and the right set of skills for the job. Your resume should be a well-formatted document with a good balance of white space and text on the page.

Document layout is important. Keep the formatting style to a minimum by using the “less is more” page layout works well in combination with compelling content. Use a good blend of sentences and short paragraphs, along with bullets so the reader can easily find important data.

4. Review the Resume Again and Again

Once you’re done crafting your resume, conduct a thorough editorial review of the entire content. Pay attention to grammar and make sure it’s free of typos. Consider having a friend or colleague review your resume. Often times, an objective editorial reviewer will uncover errors in the writing style and identify typos that you may have missed.

These four easy tips will help job seekers improve their opportunities of getting their resume noticed. After all, you can only make a first impression once so make it count.

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