In the staffing industry, many staffing agencies are still using outdated recruiting systems and practices such as having their employees fill out paper timesheets and then faxing them to the agency. Older, more established staffing companies that have been in business for 20 or even more years, are using enterprise or legacy systems from the 90’s. These legacy systems are challenging to maintain on archaic in-house servers using out-of-date database software and network equipment. Migrating from an unreliable in-house platform to a cloud-based platform will almost assuredly cause crippling downtime as well as broken processes, so they simply carry on status-quo. This is where leveraging software-as-a-service (SaaS), along with the power of the cloud, separate the winners from the losers.

Staffing companies operating on cloud-based solutions can seamlessly integrate different payroll/accounting, billing/invoicing, sourcing, and time-management systems, pulling away from the majority of the other staffing and recruiting firms that are still using antiquated methods and systems. Cloud-based systems have an open API code that allows different systems to communicate with each other seamlessly through automated processes, employing efficient uses of multiple resources in real time.

Cloud-computing staffing and recruiting solutions offer job posting efficiency as a result of having one central “portal” for all social media job posts and other customer touch points. Using SaaS systems simplifies the processes of generating reports, editing, analyzing data, and sharing the information via the cloud on any device and any operating system in real time. It simultaneously offers the ability to gather candidate data, resulting in streamlined and efficient processes. The benefit of this efficiency is that it frees up staff time to focus on the needs of the client companies, increases online social media interactions with candidates, and reduces the time to hire due to improved resume searching speed as a result of using automated workflows.

And what about security? Where are most staffing companies storing your confidential data? On their employees’ laptops? And how secure is it? Most staffing firms, including many of the large, well-known agencies, are using obsolete and custom systems from, at least, 20 years ago. This is a security risk that is difficult to mitigate when old, outdated technology is still in operation. With SaaS, systems are always updated to the latest version with none or minimal down time. According to Microsoft, the first provider of cloud services, their datacenters have an average of 99.9% uptime every quarter. This ensures that companies using cloud solutions continue operating without delays or interruption of work. And most importantly, automatic version updates safeguards that the latest security patches are applied and software loopholes are closed that can put your data at risk. With cloud-computing services, companies can rest assured knowing their data is secured. Mircrosoft datacenters are monitored 24/7 with employees using multifactor authentication, including biometric scanning to enter the centers, plus they conform to ISO 27018, a code of practice that protects information stored in the cloud. (Source: Mircosoft, International Organization for Standardization)

About Centerline Staffing

Centerline Staffing is ahead of the curve. We are a technology company that’s owned and operated by IT professionals. We’ve made an investment in our future by launching our firm on a 100% cloud-based platform. Our data is secured in the cloud (using Microsoft Business Services) and accessible from any device no matter where we are, and it’s in real-time. Using SaaS, we’re strategically positioned to grow as our customers grow while leveraging our own technology expertise. We function in a collaborative culture and SaaS is a resource tool that we employ to efficiently service our customers and quickly reach out to candidates. We have data immediately available from any device and location which frees up our time-to-response capability. We are personable and available as a result of using these efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving cloud-based solutions. Our innovative approach will transform the way companies operate and conduct business today.